The Most Common Pests in Phoenix

pestThere are a variety of pests that affect many homeowners every day. Although professional pest removal services are helpful, some invaders can be eliminated by implementing a few easy procedures. However, if your family’s health is at risk, a professional should be contacted immediately. A seasoned technician can eliminate most pest problems quickly and efficiently.

Ants travel everywhere in a typical home. To eliminate these pests, you must attack their nest, which is usually found near a tree, next to a building, or along a sidewalk. Then, you must seal all cracks in your home with petroleum jelly or caulk.

When a home is contaminated with bed bugs, the creatures will hide near and around the bed. Because bed bugs are tiny, flat bugs, they can easily fit in mattress seams. These pests are a health hazard because bed bug bites can cause severe itching, insomnia, and anxiety. The process of eliminating a bed bug infestation is easy. If you wash all surfaces where the bugs may dwell, everyone will sleep peacefully again. To achieve the best results, wash everything in hot water and scrub the mattresses thoroughly with a rugged brush.

Wasps are usually found in warm climates. They often build their nests in trees and inside of cars or attics. If you have a nest around your home, you must remove it carefully because a sting can cause an allergic reaction. To remove an active nest, pour dirt inside of it after the queen flies away. You can prevent future wasp problems by placing fake nests around your property. Wasps are territorial insects, so they will never build a nest near another nest.

During spring and summer, many homeowners constantly use bug sprays to eliminate flies. Cooking can be a major problem when a home has flies because houseflies can transmit dysentery and food poisoning. Some flies can also transmit illnesses after they bite victims. To prevent these problems, youpest-control-mice must maintain a clean home by taking out the trash and washing the garbage cans.

Many rats build burrows or nests near attics, sheds, and basements. A rat problem must be solved immediately because rats transmit epidemic diseases. Most hardware stores sell many unique products that eliminate mice and rats. However, if your home has dozens of rats, you must hire a professional.

Overall, you can easily save money by tackling some pest problems alone. If a pest issue is to complicated, a professional pest control phoenix service can help.